WELCOME to Qspa!

Welcome to Qspa Ongles & Esthetique! We are a Nail Salon and a day Spa located on St-Jean Boulevard, Dollard des Ormeaux, in the West Island of Montreal. We reconnect you with your entire wellbeing.


Our friendly, certified professionals guarantee your health and beauty needs will be met in a peaceful, comforting and serene atmosphere. Escape from the pressures and stress of life by receiving the ultimate experience in spa service. Qspa offers the best quality of care , while providing high end products. Come enjoy a day of messages, spa manicures, spa pedicures, facials, Bio Gel, U.V Gel, Acrylic, Waxing and Group Parties and much more. Call and inquire about our exclusive special packages. Conveniently located on the West Island of Montreal, Qspa offers a full-service haven of relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind and body.


Give your hands,feet and nails the Royal treatment. This deluxe manicure and pedicure includes a hydrating massage and gentle exfoliation. After expert nail shaping and cuticle trimming, you can choose from a rainbow of the trendiest and classic nail polish colors.

Active women often cause damage to their nail polish just by doing what they do naturally. The best defense against cracking, chipping and peeling is to apply a shellac nail polish. It is so hard and durable you will think it is bulletproof. At Qspa we shape, buff your nails and remove your cuticles; and then we add a Shellac polish in the colour of your choice.

Complete facial in which we treat every need of your skin, from cleansing to re-balancing, followed by an exfoliation and a nourishing skin mask of botanical extracts. Results are a pure healthy skin that glows with a radiance of its own.

Facial as a preventative treatment. Gentle muscle stimulation lifts and tones sagging muscles, improves circulation and smooths out lines and wrinkles. Qspa’s deep firming and anti-aging mask technology delivers a penetrating and concentrated formulation of vitamins and minerals, revitalizing and replenishing your skin, bringing dramatic improvement to the tone and texture of your complexion.

Imagine yourself enveloped in rich, luscious treatment. These anti-oxidant, anti-aging natural detox treatments will satisfy your body’s hunger for replenishment and revitalization and leave your skin hydrated, nourished and irresistibly soft and smooth to the touch. It will leave your skin looking radiant and velvety smooth. Relax as we treat your body in royal bamboo treatment incredibly rich with therapeutic minerals. Warm Bamboo sticks knead, roll, pivot and slide around the body with ease. This treatment, fresh from its origins in Asia, provides a deep relaxing experience — relieving built-up tensions in the major muscle groups of the body. It improves circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Nothing feels as good as relaxing full-body massage that pampers the body with specific technique designed to stimulate circulation and promote relaxation. It is an ideal way to eliminate accumulated stress, improve muscle tone and ease muscle aches.

We all tend to carry tension and stress especially around the neck and shoulder areas. Our therapeutic massage releases blocked energy, in these critical areas, leaving you revitalized and relaxed.

Waxing is a time saving technique that removes hair completely, leaving a smooth, silky feeling. About once every four weeks is ideal for treatment, and you will notice that each time less hair grows back. A premium quality, soothing, warm wax is used. Waxing at Qspa can be preceded by exfoliation to improve results.

We offer you the perfect way to pick and choose any service that you like, in any sequence you desire. Indulge in your favorite therapies and treatments. You are welcome to choose from relaxation treatments to therapeutic or asthetique ones. Give yourself a chance to be fully pampered and sparkle!